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DIY music promotion
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Make Your Music Visible

get your music heard

It's not the music, it's your promotion strategy that needs fine-tuning

Getting heard in the overcrowded music market is quite a mission, and the truth is that talent alone without visibility won’t get you very far.

To achieve the desired level of recognition, you need to define your artist identity and create a strategy to make your music visible.

Stand Out Of The Crowd
And Succeed With

sound &

DIY music promotion
essentials bootcamp

Learn how to brand and market your music to make it visible


unless you have a strategy.

Let’s face it.
Getting heard in the music industry, monetizing your music, and make a living out of it is difficult.

Branding and marketing are critical areas that many upcoming artists fail to factor in their promotional efforts.
And this is a mistake that could jeopardize their entire career. 

Fans don’t just want to buy your music.
They want to be a part of your story. And you need to send them an appealing message that aligns with your artistic vision. 

Music industry decision-makers are so overwhelmed with proposals and requests, that you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.
And yes, as an industry insider, I can tell you they will judge the book by the cover.

master your branding
and marketing startegy

and succeed for who you are!

We live in a hyper-visual world and visual imagery is where it all begins.
It’s what we scroll past every day on our phones and laptops…
Branding is what makes people want to bid on you – or not. 

That’s why your visual identity is the very first port of call and the most powerful tool to use in your promotional journey.

your visual identity

is your ticket to getting heard

An effective branding allows you to enter the music market and succeed exactly for who you are. 

Whether it is a solo project, a band, an album, a label, or any other kind of music-market related activity…

Defining the Unique Factor that makes you different and stands out about your project is likely the most important milestone to pave your way to success.

Having a real sense of artist identity and a vision can actually mark out a superstar!

Your branding is your ticket to getting heard – and seen – for what you really are.

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sound and vision

DIY music promotion
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jeanny ricci

meet your tutor

music branding specialist

15+ year experienced art director, natural-born creative, eclectic, enthusiastic music lover.

Founder and creative director of Strawboscopic, an international creative studio dedicated to making music visible. 

I have given talks and offered workshops and mentoring sessions at major music conference festivals, such as BBC Introducing Live, the CD Baby European DIY Musician Conference at Berklee College, and International Music Summit Malta, in addition to coaching and developing branding and marketing strategies for private clients, both music artists, and professionals.

Over the course of my career in the branding, marketing and advertising space, I’ve successfully developed a large number of visual identity and creative marketing projects for clients ranging from multinationals to small indie projects, always curating every stage of the process from concept to content creation to final production.

I have achieved to combine my expertise and passion for music by starting my own company Strawboscopic, and specializing in the promotion of music talent.

And this is the experience I bring to this course for you today.

This works!

here's what my clients have to say

Strawboscopic has been supporting us for the last 3 years of our musical career and we’re incredibly grateful for it.
One of the projects was a thorough branding analysis of us as a band.
It provided us with very accurate and extremely helpful advice on how to improve the elements of our visual identity that were creating confusion and working against us, also providing us with clear ideas and creative strategies on how to be consistent in our online presence.
They analysed our website, logo, existing merchandise and all social media channels and came up with a feasible and clear plan of action for us to stick to, in order to achieve a wholesome brand identity as a rock duo. We’re incredibly grateful for their ongoing support and hope they continue helping grassroots bands like us enjoy their musical journeys.
Rock band
When I first turned to Strawboscopic to take care of the communication for the release of my last album, along with my brand identity and the design of my new website, I was not sure that my career and my point of view would be fully understood.
My doubts melted like snow in the sun after our first consultation.
Not only was I fully understood, but the magic encounter between my time-worn vision and Strawboscopic's new ideas created an outstanding product that continues to penetrate the market successfully and always in the right directions.
Lorenzo Feliciati
Musician, composer, producer
I have been working with Strawboscopic for about one year. I feel the advice and services provided to be very professional and tailored to my unique situation. 
I have a high level of confidence and trust in the advice and work that Jeanny has provided for my musician branding and marketing. The brand development and coaching services I receive far exceed what I expected when I started working with Strawboscopic. I can highly recommend Strawboscopic to any musician wanting to improve their brand image and promote their music.
Jeff Wisnom
The workshop organised for the 2nd edition of the European DIY Conference called 'U for Uniqueness: Strategies for artists to establish their brand identity' has been considered by 70% of the attendants as the most useful workshop proposed.
Congratulations for this result!
Attendants really liked the checklist to prepare the branding strategy and commented their results on social media after the conference.
Thanks again to Strawboscopic for your contribution.
Alexandre Perrin
Berklee College of Music, Valencia ES
Strawboscopic is a fantastic company that has helped our students and alumni figure out their marketing and branding goals with one on one mentoring sessions. Working with Jeanny was a delight!
She was always prepared and knew exactly how to help each individual with their project needs.
Carolann Mota
Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA
Strawboscopic made an in-depth study, research and branding job for our show.
It helped us bring out things we hadn't seen and revealed what we had always dreamed of bringing to our audience. Jeanny was able to see from the outside what we were trying to bring out from the inside.
Cesari / Bortolotti
Music & Storytelling showcase duo

sound &

DIY music promotion
essentials bootcamp

what's inside sound & vision

In this course you will learn how to...

get clarity on your artist identity and goals

define your #U factor

identify and reach your target audience

address music influencers and decision makers

go promotion lost to found

come up with a long-term strategy for a long-lasting career

achieve quick wins to start using right away

get the bigger picture of the music industry and market

make an impression to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD

navigate the diy branding and marketing space

identify and avoid common mistakes that work against you

make the best use of self-promotion tools

finally, understand what it takes to make it!

and... you also get a free 1:1 discovery call as a special bonus!!!

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sound &

DIY music promotion
essentials bootcamp

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course curriculum

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. A Story To Tell
* Assignment #1


4. BRANDING intro : Visibility
5. What Is Brand Identity… and Why Should I Care
6. What Branding Is Made Of
7. Concept
8. Naming
9. Logo
10. Bio
11. Style Guidelines
12. The Art Of Storytelling
13. Bio Meets Elevator Pitch
* Assignment #2
14. U Factor
15. The Discovery Voyage
* Assignment #3
16. Congrats!


17. MARKETING intro : Strategy First
18. AIDA model
19. Goal Setting
20. Be SMART
21. Smart Goals
* Assignment #4
22. Target Audience
23. Genre
24. Demographics
25. Interests
26. Audience Identikit
* Assignment #5
27. Marketing Tools
28. Website
29. Social Media
30. EPK
31. Merch
32. Ch Ch Checklist
* Assignment #6


33. Quick Wins
34. Branding Common Mistakes
35. Marketing Top Tips


36. Final Thoughts
37. Bonus track


Make Your Music Visible

get your music heard


No matter what music genre you are in, in order to get your music heard, you always need to make yourself VISIBLE and stand out from the crowd. This course will give you the essential branding and marketing know-how and teach you the strategies that will help you position yourself in the music market, regardless of the genre you are in. In my 15 years of work experience, I have helped just about every kind of client in any possible genre.


The Sound & Vision DIY Music Promotion Essentials Bootcamp takes you on a step-by-step journey to learn how to create your artist identity, position your music and reach your target audience. Every chapter also provides assignments and actionable checklist to make sure you have successfully followed and implemented all the steps. And it also comes with a special bonus! 
A free 1:1 discovery call with me is included for every student in the course, all you have to do is claim it!
And if you think you can use more 
personal support, follow up on your discoveries and course assignments, or just want to get go further together in this journey, then The U Factor bundle is the perfect solution for you. 

This is an actionable self-paced and full-immersion bootcamp that consists of 6 main modules, each one divided into different video lessons and assignments to put what you have learned into practice. As soon as you enroll, you will get instant and lifetime access to the course. It’s only up to you how much time you want to dedicate to go through the journey. You can do it in one day or in weeks or months… A critical part of the course is the implementation of your new learning and insights, which means doing your homework. This is what I strongly suggest that you take your time for. It will be worth it! 
This is not a passive course. This is about taking action and committing yourself to making a real change in your career. 


This course was specifically designed for DIY and independent artists, and it’s the result of many years of professional work in the branding and marketing space, and of specializing in the music industry. My experience as a mentor and coach gave me invaluable insight on the problems artists face and struggle with every day in their careers, and allowed me to come up with specific strategies and solutions to address them. That is how I have developed a proven formula to help artists like you turn their sound into vision and design their roadmap to success. 



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